Toronto Cabinet Refacing

cabinet refacing

If you want a new look for your kitchen or just a fresh image for your existing cabinets, cabinet refacing it’s probably what you’re looking for. It is a fast process, you’ll have your new kitchen in just a few days.

What is cabinet refacing?

Cabinet refacing allows you to revitalize your kitchen look with new doors and drawer fronts, keeping your existing cabinet in place, without changing your current kitchen layout. You can improve the appearance and durability of your kitchen, creating that “new kitchen” look without spending the amount of money for an actual new kitchen.

Is cabinet refacing the right choice for me?

Doors and drawer fronts can wear down faster than the cabinets and frames. It is not always necessary to replace your existing cabinets, to install new custom ones. It is much easier and less expensive to simple reface the existing cabinets, giving you the option to change the colour and look of your kitchen, at a fraction of the price needed for a complete new one.

How much cabinet refacing cost?

Cabinet refacing let you achieve an amazing new kitchen look at a very reasonable price. Depending on the doors and drawer fronts you choose, the manufacturer and the company you purchase them from, the price may vary. But at the end, the final costs will be far less than the price paid for a complete new kitchen.

How long it will take?

Most cabinet refacing projects are completed in just a few days. Depending of the complexity of the job, the time can be different from project to project, but we are always doing the best we can to finish the job as fast as possible, keeping you away from your daily activities as less as possible.